About Us

     In today’s environment training resembles an assembly line.  Students get loaded with enormous amount of material in shortest periods of time possible.  Without an opportunity to learn information at the proper pace, retention suffers greatly.  As the last resort students try to cram for the certification exams, and even if they pass, the amount of information learned is minimal, which poorly reflects on their work experience and subsequently loss of the job. 

     For the past fifteen years we’ve been consistently honing and perfecting our training skills, to grow and become a one-of-a-kind training organization, which delivers computer training on a personal level.  We take the time to learn about your skills, levels of knowledge and most importantly, your learning style before the training session even begins!  By creating deep personal rapport with you, we are able to create a pleasant and comfortable learning environment, where we will maximize your learning effectiveness and make sure you have a pleasant learning experience.  We make sure to space our training sessions in such a way to give our students enough time to learn without frustration. 

     We consistently implement quizzes and tests to check on students’ knowledge levels as the training progresses, and identify any weak areas which need to be improved.  By committing our students to the training timeline, we ensure that they go through with the training curriculum and take the exams within allotted timeframe. 

     As a part of our job placement assistance we provide students with proper way to write their resumes and afterwards connect our students with potential job opportunities.

     We are also very well aware of the fact that effective training cannot be delivered without extensive knowledge and experience on the trainer’s part. That is where more than fifteen years of our experience, coupled with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Information Systems, Computer Science, and Psychology deliver an unforgettable experience, making long-lasting learning bonds between us and students.  Because, after all, to us it’s not just business, it’s personal.

     At the end, our students don’t feel that they are just another number, but rather a part of a tightly-knit community which prepared and helped them shape their future careers.


CyberTrack Solutions Team